Our mission is to provide quality officiating with a reputation for fairness and integrity while demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the rules for each sport officiated. Our desire is to design a way to evaluate the officials and provide feedback to help them become stronger officials. We also seek feedback from the cities we serve on a regular basis in order to improve the quality of our company’s performance. The paperwork you have received includes the following: information sheet, independent contractor agreement, a direct deposit form and a W-9. Please take time to print and complete all forms.

Our softball uniform is, blue shirt, black slacks or black golf shorts, black embroidered hat, black ball bag, black shoes, clicker and a plate brush. All weather gear should be all black or all blue. Basketball uniform is solid black athletic shorts, or black slacks for youth basketball, gray jersey, black t-shirt, black shoes and socks and a Fox 40 whistle. Football uniform is a black and white stripe jersey, black athletic shorts, black shoes and socks, black tee shirt, black and white striped hat and a Fox 40 whistle.

You are to report to your work location 15 minutes before the first scheduled game. My number is 303-653-2905 and I need to know if you are running late, so I can contact the field supervisor.

The direct deposit form is used for our pay system. Your paydays are the 1st and 16th of each month. Any days worked from the 1st-15th of each month are paid on the 1st of the following month and any days worked from the 16th-31st are paid on the 16th of the following month. Should you decide to use the direct deposit, a voided check must be sent with your paperwork. This choice comes with a $1.75 charge.

Schedules will be available on-line once we have you placed. You choose your shifts based on your availability. You should be able to know your schedule a full month in advance, allowing you to make plans without interruption. Once scheduled, shifts cannot be given back unless there is an emergency. You can check your schedule at anytime by going on the following link, Master Schedule
This link can be downloaded to your phone as an app (google sheet app) so you can have immediate access to the master schedule. Our company’s website is Pros-Plus.com. You will find many tabs to navigate through including the master schedule. The password is family,
all lower case. The master schedule is updated daily and is the most accurate schedule. If changes are made after your schedule is posted, I will personally contact you. We need you to visit the website every other week to get company updates and other important information.

Thank you for your interest in working for Pros Plus. Any questions can be answered by contacting me via email or text.