Updated 8/9/2020

Hello Team!!! Michelle and our family pray that you are doing well, staying safe and staying healthy. School is right around the corner for you and your families. We have hope that the children will be protected as they return to their classrooms. Michelle is a retired teacher and has seen some good plans by certain districts, but they are all different depending where you live and what school your children attend. Let’s do our best to keep our children first as an education is so important to them. If you have any questions on how to assist your children in their learning, please feel free to call Michelle.

Basketball, volleyball, flag football, arena football are still on hold. Only exception is Arvada where there is one flag football league of eight teams running.

Our company has had to cut back in some areas of help such as payroll, scheduling and invoicing. Buddy is doing that himself right now in order to stay wise in the use of company funds and to continue to operate with no financial restrictions.Thank you for your patience on receiving your checks. Some are delivered out to the fields and some are mailed. I am anticipating payroll will continue to be mailed through September. 

Update on mask wearing for all cities is they need to be worn coming and going from the fields and in any common areas. Masks on the fields is optional. We encourage you to continue to follow Conn’s Corner for future updates. 

Sarah, Whitley, Buddy, Michelle and our little Annabelle.

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