PROS Plus Inc. Independent Contractor Agreement 2023


1. This agreement is effective beginning the first date worked and expires on your final date of work.

2. The contractor agrees to provide professional officiating services for Pros Plus LLC in a timely manner.

3.  Pros Plus LLC as an administrative convenience to the Clients and to the independent contracting officials will pay the individual officials

a. Game fees will be established prior to each season/calendar year
b .Contractor payment will be received on the sixth and twentieth of each month unless date falls on a holiday or weekend.

4. The contractor agrees that Pros Plus LLC will pay the contractor only after the contractor has provided the services satisfactory.

5. The contractor agrees, unless prior written approval has been received by Pros Plus LLC., that the contractor will be responsible for and hold Pros Plus LLC and their clients harmless for all expenses, cost, wages, permits, license fees, required insurance, association fees and advertising expense incurred by the contractor.

6. The parties agree that the relationship to the contractor to Pros Plus LLC is the independent contractor and the contractor are not an employee of Pros Plus LLC and/or its clients. The contractor agrees that they are not eligible for employee benefits, unemployment benefits, or workers compensation benefits through Pros Plus LLC, and/or its clients. The parties further agree that Pros Plus LLC will not withhold or deduct from the payments due to the contractor, any city, state or federal income taxes, nor will be Pros Plus LLC, deduct or make any FICA payments for the contractor or their employees.

7.  Each contractor will provide $1,000,000.00 of comprehensive and general liability insurance for themselves. Evidence of insurance must be provided to Pros Plus LLC upon request.

8.  Each contractor is an independent contractor and not an employee of Pros Plus LLC and/or their clients and selects their own availability times, dates, locations, and number of games available for assignment. The contractor must provide his/her own workers compensation insurance coverage for themselves.

9. The parties agree that this agreement may be terminated without cause by giving the other party seven days written notice at their respective address of the intent to terminate the contract. Pros Plus LLC agrees to pay the contractor their share of the compensation due as of the date of termination.

10. The contractor agrees to be at site locations 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time. Contractor agrees to call Pros Plus LLC 30 minutes prior to their start time if they are running late.

11. Contractor no shows at selected and accepted events will carry a fine of the total contracted compensation of assigned site/date.

12. Contractor agrees to be in appropriate uniform per Pros Plus LLC standards.